Please understand,

18 May

the “Trump-Russians” story originated with Hillary’s frantic attempts to explain away her loss. It just was not an issue before.

There is NO evidence to support this opium dream. It is a creation of the whining losers, plain and simple. We are seeing the thrashing of a gaffed shark in its death throes. And that shark richly deserves to die.

The worst Hillary has is that someone (perhaps, but by no means certainly, the Russians hacked into John Podesta’s emails–which had laughably crappy security; they tried unsuccessfully to get into the RNC–and made public actual emails from Hillary that showed she was a turd. That’s it. No messing with the election totals or anything. So the “hacking” had nothing to do with election integrity and only lifted the cover on Hillary’s actual emails to John Podesta. That’s it.

Notice how there’s almost never an MSM explanation of that? That’s because they are in bed (shudder) with Hillary.


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