The totalitarian Left.

19 May

Understand well that the Left is totalitarian in nature.

Yes, they put a smiley face on despotism, and because of the lamestream MSM being such Lefty shills they are often not called on it, but let’s call them what they are–dictators in waiting. And there’s no question that many are fooled by that smiley face. They don’t think deeper than the surface, and that is why they are snookered by Leftism.

There is not a single¬†example over the last 50 years (or much more) of a despot on the Right. I just doesn’t happen. That’s because Conservative ideology just doesn’t fit with despotism. Leftist ideology certainly does.

That’s why all the despots in history and around the world are virtually always Leftists. 99.99999% of the time. You logically can’t be both a despot and on the Right. Those two things are internally inconsistent. And for those of you who care about morals, THAT should tell you which way the wind blows. Pay attention.

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