Yeah, there’s

19 May

no voter fraud. <shakes head in amazement>

To quote a classic movie, “Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?”

I guess that’s what you get if you believe all the crap in the NY Times.

You gotta be a special kind of rubeĀ to miss this. You think that (in the immortal words of Sir Toby Belch) because YOU are virtuous there will be no more cakes and ale. To the pure all things are pure…

Yeah, voter fraud never happens (at least not significantly). But read the account!

And then ask yourself, “Why would someone do something illegal and even marginally risky if it were irrelevant? Why run the risk, even if that risk is pretty small? Why go to all the effort?” If there is no payoff, why even do it? I mean, if you’re 10 minutes early and there is a cop directly behind you, do you speed? Even if you can easily afford the ticket? Why or why not?

Because the truth is thatĀ it’s not irrelevant and there is indeed a payoff, that’s why it’s done! Only a great fool would commit voter fraud and run that risk (however small) if it were actually irrelevant. The fact that it is being done at all is proof positive that it is well worth the risk. It is NOT irrelevant. DUH! Wake up and smell the coffee!

I mean, the head-in-the-keister NY Times crowd needs to explain just why anyone would do it if it is irrelevant to the outcome of elections. That would simply make no sense at all. Would you have me believe in fairies and unicorns, too?

No really, do I look stupid?

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