I wouldn’t

19 May

doubt it. McMullin has always been a HUGE loser. Hee-yuge.

And, he’s so self-righteous that it is easy to see him doing something nefarious and then justifying it (at least to himself). His Quixotic Presidential run was a sick joke. Let me just say that I was not fooled. Yeah, he was obviously a very bad choice from the get-go. No thanks, I don’t pray that way…

Look, I voted for Romney (twice–I wrote in the first time) even though he is far less Conservative than I would like. So I have no problem either with casting a protest vote or backing someone I am pretty sure¬†will lose. Heck, I thought Trump would lose, and I voted for him!

But some were fooled by McMullin (though not me). Then again, there are those with a long history of being fooled by various candidates. You would think they’d learn. More’s the pity.

Maybe he didn’t do it. But I would be far from shocked…

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