Uh, yeah.

19 May

No evidence.

I’m not surprised.

The ONLY reason a Special Prosecutor was named was to exonerate Trump and put this baby to bed. It truly is¬†Democrat mental illness…

Even if Trump were driven out of office (extremely unlikely), Mike Pence would then be President. I could certainly live with that. I like Pence better, anyway.

Democrats need to just get over the fact that they lost and that Hillary was an abysmally bad candidate. Abysmally bad.

I doubt she’ll even be alive in 2020, though I could be surprised. Amazing stuff in plastics and prosthetics¬†these days. There have been real improvements in colostomy bags. In any case, I would love it if she tried to run again in 2020. Nothing says, “The party of new ideas” like an octogenarian old bat who has lost twice before!

Where are the up-and-coming Democrats? I’m sure they will come to the surface eventually. But if Hillary tries to run again, she will just damage the pipeline even more. She would suck all the oxygen out of the room. Yeah, she sucks. And running and losing again would be virtually catastrophic for the party (though I am pretty sure that Hillary doesn’t care one bit about THAT).

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