Yeah, I sure

09 Aug

hope so. I mean, it all totally makes sense. It’s just that I have been burned so many times in the past that I am gun shy.

But understand that if the Democrats actually lose seats (or even fail to gain much) in this election, there is a real question of when they will ever win. NOW is the time for them to make up ground, because later would not be good for them. At all. In 2020 Illinois is likely to lose House seats, while Texas is likely to gain them. They are 0 for 4 so far in elections since Trump came to office. 0 for 4. Pretty much, all the Republicans have to do is hold the states that Trump won and they maintain their majority, and a Senate supermajority is not out of the question.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That rattler is dead, but it can still reflexively inject poison.

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