Here is what I

10 Aug

strongly suspect: DWS is guilty as sin, and the Democrat leadership knows it. So they created a diversion. Mueller is the diversion. He is blithely unaware, and just thinks he’s an attack dog. But this kills THREE birds with one stone: it gives Trump heartburn, it binds Trump up so he can’t attack Obamacare, and it focuses attention away from DWS.

Mueller (probably) doesn’t know he is being taken for a ride, though he would not care since it gives him a way to vent his Javertic spleen (I just made that word up, “Javertic.” It is a way of acting by a person with a rigid, irrational hatred that leads to them to spend huge amounts of energy hunting down the relatively innocent objects of their bile, coupled with an unfounded and overweening moral superciliousnes). Yeah, Mueller is the quintessential Javertic person, and he is aided and abetting by a swarm of rather mindless minions and dupes who unwittingly play the role of Sancho Panza¬†to the Democrat Don Quixote.

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