If Mueller

11 Aug

makes allegations that are not directly tied to Russian collaboration, it is illegitimate. It would be pure Javert-ism. He very obviously has nothing so far. Still, the laws are so complex and numerous that a normal person just cannot know and follow them all. You have to hire an expert (as with taxes) in order to comply, and even then that is not enough to completely indemnify yourself–different tax professionals tell you different things, which in turn is often different from what the IRS says. The complexity itself is a way to make sure you are guilty, somehow. So you bow the knee to these power-mad scrubs at the IRS in order to avoid problems. It is all about power. Vee haff vays…

That’s what makes it a violation of due process. No matter who you are, YOU can be found guilty of some kind of crime. That’s why, in a famous statement, a USSR lackey told his master, “Show me the man and I’ll tell you the crime.” YOU are guilty. Of something. And with enough time and resources, I can find it. Mueller has unlimited time and resources…

And I, for one, would vehemently oppose such disgraceful behavior and see it as totally illegitimate. Look, loony Lefties, it’s OVAH!

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