Given that

12 Aug

we know the Russia/Trump nonsense was created by Brennan, Can we just stop this stupid charade and get Mueller out of here? Now?

And if you don’t think so, just why not? Is it truth and justice you want? Or is it just a way to vent your spleen and let your inner Javert run wild for a bit? Is it that you just want a witch hunt of your “enemies?” Is it just that having them persecuted is far more important to you than the good of the country? Time to ‘fess up as to who you are and what you believe.

In a perfect world, Trump should fire Mueller. There just is NO reason for Mueller to be there. It is over. Now I fully understand that we don’t live in a perfect world, and that it might be advisable to leave Mueller alone. Still, justice alone demands that he be fired. This will not work out well for the country. Or for the Trump clan.

Here is what I’d like to see (though I understand it may not be the wisest course). Trump says something like this:

My fellow Americans, 

I fired Robert Mueller this afternoon. There just was no longer a reason for him to be in business at all. We all know very well that there has never been collusion with the Russians, and that fact has been fully established apart from Mueller. We all know he is a partisan hack who has filled his “investigation” with known enemies of anything Conservative and that he has a real animus toward me. Now all he can do is damage, and I am sworn to protect this country from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. And I will do what I promised to do. Let’s be very clear about this: We have done nothing wrong. This is only about hurting me, and that hurts the country in the process. Please be assured of that. This is just a witch hunt, a way for sore loser Leftists to tantrum about getting beaten like a rented mule in the 2016 election. And Mueller is their stooge. I really hope he is an unwitting one.

But in any case, YOU have spoken, and I will do my best not to allow the entrenched DC establishment to thwart your will. They cannot cancel out your vote. They are trying hard to invalidate your vote, and I won’t stand for it. Join with me–it’s time to change things. 

There is just no evidence of Russian “collusion” and strong evidence against it. I will side with the strong evidence and resist the no evidence side. So it’s over. Our long national nightmare is over. Let’s get on with life. We live in a dangerous and complex world, and I hope we can now just get on with things–we don’t need this distraction. It just damages us as a country, and we certainly don’t need that. Now especially.

Let’s repeal and replace the horrible Obamacare crap that was foisted on us in the dark of night. Let’s fix our horrid tax system. Let’s address immigration. Let’s make our country safe from bad actors around the globe who threaten us. There has been so much damage in the last decade. So very much. Let’s come together and make America great again. We have so, so much to do. Join with me.

We have things to repair and rebuild, and Mueller and his investigation is a stick in our spokes. It keeps us from moving forward. And understand, THAT is totally on purpose. But I, with your help, will resist that. Let’s resist together! Let’s make our country great again. Together. Let’s move forward. It is time to move forward. 

Let’s work together on this.

Thank you, and God bless America.


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