Here’s the lesson the NFL is learning:

09 Oct

When you are a total butt-head in the public eye, you eventually lose your audience.

As I have repeatedly said, this is a real problem for the NFL. Fans are leaving in droves. Games are being played in partially-filled stadiums But worse, people who have arranged their lives and finances around the NFL are finding other things to do. And worse, the are finding that once they have given up the NFL, they don’t miss it! I hear from people who used to travel around to games and no longer do. So it’s not just the exorbitant ticket price. That’s the proverbial tip of the iceberg. It’s the raft of other spending that goes along with being a rabid fan. It’s the meals and the flights and the hotel rooms and the replica jerseys. THAT is a stake in the heart of the NFL. They can survive a lot of things, but not THAT.

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