I strongly suspect

09 Oct

that what we are seeing is a cultural sea-change.

When I was growing up, there was not much that was more transgressive the KISS. These were grown men in make-up who were vulgar shock hard-rockers. Yeah, not a lot in general society went against the cultural “grain” as much as KISS. Alice Cooper (for many of the same reasons), but not much else.

So when KISS is hammering the NFL (a notoriously tradition-bound institution), you should have felt your “spidey sense” tingling.

What this tells me is that there has been a cultural shift. The NFL is totally stupid not to have snuffed this crap out immediately. The NBA has already warned teams that all players are expected to stand respectfully for the National Anthem, and the NBA has a history of suspending players that don’t. Remember what happened to that idiot Abdul-Rauf. After losing around $30 grand a night for a couple of nights, he thought it was better to comply. Funny, that. The NBA is now trying to ensure that they don’t now fall into the same pit that the NFL did.

The NFL should emulate the NBA. The NBA demonstrated exactly¬†how to deal with this nonsense. As Trump said, “Get that [idiot] off the field!” Funny how players then toe the line almost immediately…

  1. Oregonian

    October 15, 2017 at 10:45 am

    KISS is still around?

    Thanks for the flashback memories of sixth grade!