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10 Oct

this guy’s writing.

But, as I have noted several times, this guy is angry. And it’s not just him. No, not by a long shot. Angry people don’t get a national stage and following unless they are speaking the very same anger that regular people feel. Fringe wackos end up, well, on the fringe. But this guy is NOT on the fringe.

I think the Left ignores this very real anger at their extreme peril. They really don’t want to awaken the sleeping giant–it is NOT in their interests. Donald Trump was a moderate scenario. If the Left doesn’t spank down, what comes afterward will be even more extreme. We are already seeing the NFL tank. We are already seeing a disdain for Hollywood with a HUGE drop in ticket sales. And mid-term elections, which typically batter the party in power pretty severely, are starting to shape up as even worse for the Democrats. The wind is at their backs right now (as much as it ever will be), and they need to make hay while the sun shines–it just ain’t gonna get better for them than it is right now–this is the high-water mark for them. If they don’t make up ground here, when can they? I mean, they have lost all the special election since Trump won–when do they start winning? The Left needs to quit their anti-Trump tantruming and take an unflinching look at themselves. They need to decide whether they are the party of whinging or winning.

The message is very clear for them. I, for one, hope they never learn. Please, more kneeling for the anthem and SJW “snowflake” nonsense.

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