It’s a great question:

10 Oct

Why now?

Weinstein’s abhorrent behavior has been well-known for decades by those even remotely near to the situation. It is only now that the rest of us have been filled in. Why?

I think the answer is that he is no longer particularly useful to the Left. When he was, everyone from Ashley Judd to the NYT covered for him–aided and abetted his shameful and criminal behavior. But now it’s time to kick him to the curb. Remember, these are NOT new allegations. They were widely known by those “about town.” But they hid it and allowed it to go on until now. Champions for the oppressed. Riiiiight.

See, the Left doesn’t support its own. The Clintons need to be very careful. Bill is probably safe–the Left needs him to be an icon. But Hillary? Not so much.

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