I think these “shout-downs” (like all “shout-downs”) are

16 Oct

a problem. And I really don’t want the Right to imitate the tactics of the Left. But, in truth, I doubt such things on the Conservative side will be all that much of a problem. Conservatives have jobs and families and such. They hold to neighborly behavior and kindness. And in contrast to Leftism, Conservatives are not congenitally violent and displays of force and coercion are not naturally a part of Conservatism as a theory. Conservatives really don’t do these sorts of things. It’s just not in their natures.

That said, I can certainly understand how gratifying it is to see Lefty twerps get some “poetic justice.” There is a sense that “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” Yeah, I get that. It is hard to see boorish Lefty behavior go unpunished–it feels unfair. I understand the urge to reach out yourself and try to make things right and just. It’s really tough at times to turn the other cheek. And I’m not saying that it is never the right thing to do to allow these Lefties to experience what it’s like for the shoe to be on the other foot. It can be.

But revenge is quite dangerous. YOU are not wise enough to see how revenge will end up. That’s why the Lord says, “Vengeance is mine.” Not yours. His. You cannot handle it. DO. NOT. SEEK. REVENGE. It will rot your every relationship. It will sour your life entirely. It will leave you alone, a bitter old geezer. Do not touch!

But back to the ranch… Leftists have set a very bad precedent. Now they have truly endangered their own speech by shouting down others. They thought they would always hold the whip by the handle and never feel the lash end. They were wrong. This is a very bad sign. YOU need to be respectful toward others, and then others will (hopefully) be respectful to YOU. You don’t have to agree, but do be kind.

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