How can I be both moral and a staunch Democrat?

25 Oct

It seems like an odd question, and in truth in the past it has been a stupid one. But now it is different…

The modern Democrats are enthralled by infanticide (abortion). They vigorously defend and normalize all sorts of sexual behavior outside of marriage–homosexual and otherwise (and I’m not talking about being friends with homosexuals–I am talking about endorsing homosexuality, a very different issue). They celebrate and encourage truly disturbed people who want to pretend they are of the other sex, even going so far as mutilative surgery and ingestion of powerful hormones–they exploit these poor, lost souls all the while saying they are “caring” and “inclusive.” They celebrate the forcible taking of other people’s property, while Conservatives have been shown to be far more charitable with their own “stuff” than Leftists. They are fans of force and enemies of moral agency. I don’t think any of this is even up for discussion or argument–it is obviously true on its face.

I guess one can fall back on the “care for the poor and needy” argument, but that is weak in many ways, not the least of which is that Conservatives are simply far more generous. NO ONE is advocating kicking cripples to the curb! That is a red herring meant to confuse the rubes. So IS there an area in which Leftists are more moral than Conservatives? If so, what is it?

The question of how I can be both moral and a Democrat is a relatively new one. It just wasn’t a real issue in 1975. But now in 2017 the “gap” has widened considerably, ¬†and currently it is a real issue.

My challenge to my Leftist friends is this: I think that 40 years ago the culture was such that the “moral gap” between Leftism and Conservatism was very small. That gap was easily and comfortably straddled. You could bridge it with the width of a 2×4.

But over the last 20 or 30 years the gap has widened considerably, and the gap is no longer easily or comfortably bridged. It takes all the skills of a contortionist to even come close to doing it. In fact, one can only bridge the gap by selectively choosing a few Leftist ideas and ignoring problems. And these decent ideas are by no means exclusive of Leftism itself. Many moral people are Democrats out of tradition rather than out of deliberation.

So to my friends on the Left, here is my question: How do you morally justify your Leftism?

I honestly think that it is getting harder and harder to bridge that gap. That was not the case 30 years ago, but now it is an issue we now have to face head on.

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