The MSM need to learn

15 Dec

that one can’t cry “wolf”repeatedly (with accusations being totally empty) too many times before people just ignore you as an annoying but empty gadfly. If you repeatedly show that you are untrustworthy,  people will eventually ignore you. And THAT is exactly what you are seeing happening.

And THAT is precisely what the MSM have done in regard to Trump. The latest gaffe is that CNN breathlessly reported that Trump Jr. got important information from (who else?) the Russians before it was public, and that proves illegal collusion!

Well, it turns out that all these “layers of fact-checkers” all (deliberately?) mis-read the date on the email. It was actually just a garden-variety fan reporting what was already publicly released. CNN has yet to admit that they screwed up. But everyone knows that they did. DUH!

And of course they won’t admit it. Because the next obvious question is, “If you screwed up on something as simple as this, what else have you said that is unreliable?” Maybe “The Most Trusted Name In News” is just an advertising schtick meant to fool the rubes! Like the letter my sister-in-law showed me of a company selling “Real Faux Diamonds!” at an amazingly good price for diamonds.  Yeah, in French the word “faux” translates to … false. In this case, glass chips. As a girl in her early 20s, she naturally was fooled and thought they were actual diamonds. As a Francophone, I filled her in.

The solution? Truth and honesty. If the MSM reported with truth and honesty people would believe them again. They need a diverse set of employees (diverse in viewpoint, not merely skin color). Yes, it would take 5 years or so, but they would regain their credibility. Right now, the MSM is just another word for… false.


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