Wow, it

22 Dec

is really (in the words of an old Halo video game) un-freakin’-believable. The dishonesty defies rational thought. It leaves one speechless and gasping for air. Unreal! And yet the MSM have said nothing about it! Let’s face the fact: They are complicit. They are “unindicted co-conspirators.”

Republican administration are quite likely to be more honest. Why, are Republicans just intrinsically more honest? Well, perhaps, though that is absolutely NOT what I am arguing. Humans are humans. But the environment is very different for Democrats than it is for Republicans.

See,¬†real issue is that the media has it’s lips planted firmly and lovingly on Lefty butt cheeks. Republicans know well that just as the MSM will lie and protect Democrats and their boyfriend Obama, they will quickly rag on Conservatives for anything¬†that even approaches wrongdoing or can be spun to seem so. They have to be much more careful.

For example, how excited would a reporter be to show that Mike Pence had an improper sexual relationship (even if consensual) outside of his marriage? Pence needs to be very careful! Mrs. Pence has less reason to worry about her husband’s fidelity than perhaps any woman in history!

Understand this well when you cast your vote in 2018. Voting for the Republican is almost always the moral choice. I think this should be obvious to even the dullest among us, given current events.

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