The crusher for the unions

21 Feb

in Walker’s Wisconsin proposal is this: ending the automatic dues deduction. Right now the gov’t requires that the school automatically deduct money from teachers’ paychecks and give it to the union, which of course uses that money ┬áto elect more officials who are friendly to their cause. But Walker’s proposal would strip unions of such funding. Anyone who wanted to contribute to a union could of course do so, but it wouldn’t be an automatic deduction from their paycheck. That would be a devastating blow to the union bosses.

In addition, Unions would be automatically de-certified after each year. They could certify again, but the employees would have to vote to do so. In other words, the union would not automatically represent the workers–the workers would have to vote for that.

These kind of things are just unacceptable to the unions. They can tolerate the requirement to help pay for health insurance and pension funding, but THIS is a poison pill for them. They simply won’t survive if this goes through. That’s the main reason why the fight on the Union’s part is so vicious–it is existential.

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