It’s ABSOLUTELY not surprise

03 Jan

that there is a great deal of optimism¬†right now. The truth is that only a naif, a person who has never lived off their own business, doesn’t understand this. It is very obvious to the rest of us.

There are some who say the the President does not control the economy and is a purely passive recipient. He’s just a passenger on the roller coaster. Well, there is some truth to that.

But a sense of optimism is quite directly related to the President and the extant and expected policies. In this case, there has been eight years with Obama’s boot on the neck of business, and to have that gone is a major relief and the economy is going gangbusters as a result.

So yes, I agree that in general the President himself does not make the economy better. But his policies can indeed make it worse, and even the expectation of crappy policies makes it worse. And then when you get a different President who won’t continue those crappy policies, we see what we are now.

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