Huh. How about equal justice under the law?

06 Jan

Weaver, Koresh, and Bundy are NOT sympathetic characters—far from it. And yet the government framed them and outright lied about them committing crimes in order to try and convict them and put them in jail (or kill them outright).

Yes, for some, government disapproval meant death. All the more reason to be VERY worried. These guys were jerks, but were also fundamentally innocent. And yet YOUR government treated them totally unfairly. And killed some of them. No wonder Bundy responded with armed resistance–those who didn’t protect themselves were killed by the gov’t! Take a hard look at the pattern…

And what does that say about any investigation of Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? The Las Vegas shooter? If the authorities are known to lie in order to absolve those they like and punish those they don’t, what then?

It raises real questions about whether there is equal protection under the law. Will I be charged if I have “unapproved” beliefs? And just who gets to decide what is “approved” and what is not? I mean, maybe I am “crazy” and believe strongly in the Easter Bunny AND the Tooth Fairy. Is that reason enough to kill me? Send me to a “re-education” camp? I’m just crazy, after all! And what if I believe in God and actually practice my religion? And what if I am Conservative and believe in the Laffer curve? Just where is the line?

The fact that these folks are so unsympathetic should make us MORE worried, not less. Because if they are not protected, just who is (besides Hillary, natch)? Do I need to be one of the “privileged class” in order to speak my mind with impunity?

The old USSR was famous for editing out folks whose views were no longer useful or sympathetic to the government. Is the “editing out” in the Lefty U.S. by bullet? Is it the gulag? Is this merely name-calling and character assassination, or does it go much, much deeper?

Don’t kid yourself, THIS is what Leftism is all about. Rise up and get rid of it! Remember this in 2018…

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