I think that

07 Jan

it is unarguably true: We have a great experiment, here. Leftism and Conservatism cannot logically both be “true.” And never before have we had such a head-to-head comparison. THAT is why the Left is panicked and will do anything to bring Trump down.

Yes, the masses think this is just about style and manners, but the actual kingpins know that this is an existential struggle. If Trump prevails, the Left no longer can even pretend that they have a viable governing philosophy. If tax cuts lead to an improved economy, if staunch steel-in-the-spine negotiations lead to demonstrably better foreign policy and outcomes, what on earth will the Left say?

THAT is what the Mueller dog-and-pony show is all about. If it were about justice, Hillary and Huma would be in prison! No, it’s not at all about justice, it is totally about saving face and saving Leftism.

Make sure that you remember this come November! And bring a friend to vote. Don’t let the bastards win…

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