Wow. Just wow.

09 Jan

The Bundy case was dismissed with prejudice. That means that not only was thrown out, but the judge then danced on its grave. With prejudice. It is OVAH!

What that means is the the charges cannot be brought up again–there is no appeal by the gov’t. It is a HUGE smackdown to the gov’t! HEEE-YUUUUGE! It is an open declaration of gov’t misconduct. I think it is easy to overlook just how big a deal this is.

But this brings up the other obvious issue: If the gov’t was outright dishonest in this case, how do you know that they are not just as dishonest in the Mueller/Trump case? I mean, they were shown to have lied in this case, so are they trustworthy in the Mueller/Trump case? Just why would you think that? What evidence is there? Don’t tell me what, tell me why. The gov’t needs to show that they are not full of crap! And THAT is why we have rules of evidence, due process, and very public procedures.

Unless Mueller has incontrovertible proof, I will be inordinately skeptical. And so should YOU be. Do NOT let your personal preferences trample justice. Maybe you hate Trump, but I hope you love justice. You need to be quite wary. And there is good reason to think YOU are being played for a fool.

Trump’s defense just got way easier. I suspect this is a turning point. We’ll see. It should be.

But YOU need to vote against despotism. Cliven Bundy is far from a sympathetic character. FAR. So what? Is justice blind? Vote these corrupt Democrats out in November of 2018! Get off your duff and go vote. And bring a friend. This nonsense needs to stop. It is time for ALL good people to come to the aid of their country!

  1. Oregonian

    January 9, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    Completely-unrelated cases being prosecuted by different offices.

    • Gregor Mendel

      January 9, 2018 at 4:08 pm

      Yeah. no.