You like the economic boom?

12 Jan

Well, there is a very good reason for it.

Some of the blithering idiots at the NY Times and other Lefty sources are unable to deny the stinky smell that emanates from their britches, so they give oh-so-astute explanations on how the President really¬†doesn’t affect the economy.

Well, and their boyfriend Obama made such a dog’s breakfast of things that they don’t dare say that the Trump Economy is good because of Trump. If they did so it would both boost Trump and totally discredit Obama. And the 2018 elections are rapidly approaching. THAT is why we are seeing this “The President Has No Control Over The Economy” claptrap.

It is just a Lefty excuse, meant to fool the rubes. Don’t be taken in. You gotta wise up–it is utter, self-serving nonsense.

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