One thing you can

12 Jan

bet on: The Left eventually eats its own. Ask Robespierre. The Left is hungry and you are made of meat…

Hoyer has been one of Pelosi’s loyal lieutenants. The fact that even he is now joining in the Pelosi beating means that she is not long for this world. She is meat on the hoof, and Hoyer knows it. She would have known what is happening 10 years ago–I mean, she told us she was a “master legislator” and all!

It used to be advantageous for Hoyer to be Pelosi’s right-hand man. But no longer. And Hoyer knows what side of the bread is buttered! It also shows that Pelosi has lost control of the trolley. I mean, not only was she not part of the negations, but she very obviously was not able to exert the influence necessary to place her preferred team there! And remember, she is the nominal leader of the caucus. Yeah, something’s going down.

If there ever was a sign that Pelosi is done for, this is it. Now there will be rumors that she will not run again in 2018. You know, she suddenly wants to spend her time being a grammaw and all that!

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