Uh-Oh government!

12 Jan

It looks like the tables have been flipped. They may well end up being the hare rather than the hound! No wonder many of us don’t give a crap what they say in terms of guilt. Fruit of a poisoned tree, and all that. They are NOT credible sources. <sheesh!>

That is totally in line with what we saw in the Bundy case. The common thread is a corrupt Javert-like prosecution that is completely willing to lie and break the law to “get” what they think are law-breakers. Are YOU OK with that? Let’s talk about YOUR morality, here!

And this corruption is a big deal. Bundy also shows it is widespread–it is a problem with the FBI culture. It certainly extends to former FBI head Robert Mueller. Obviously.

You know, justice doesn’t matter to them. The only important thing is getting conviction. Me, I am for justice.

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