Look, I LIVED in Haiti

12 Jan

for years. I got dengue fever there. I slept in the heat on hard tile floors in Gonaives. I am fluent in Haitian Creole and worked in simultaneous translation of that language that went out to tens of thousands, as well as co-wrote a textbook with a Haitian colleague. I taught that language for years. I’m right now looking at a painting I bought from the Haitian artist himself at his house in Port-au-Prince (Claude Dambreville). Yeah, I know Haiti.

I have walked many times in the streets of Port-au-Prince. I have lived in St. Marc. I have lived in Cap-Haitian and made dangerous trecks to St. Louis du Nord from there. I have driven south to Jacmel and then administered across to Les Cayes.  I have lived in Petionville and Carrefour and upper Delmas. Cite Soleil is far from unknown to me. Yeah, I know Haiti.

I love Haiti. But trust me, along with President I can tell you that it is a s***hole. I have stood in places with raw sewage running in ditches through communities of mud huts with sticks in them. I have tramped endless miles in the heat on broken concrete. I have been threatened with machetes. I have had bullets come through my window. I have had a bullet pierce a hole in my car door. I have had a guy in a street protest throw a brick at my head while I was in a car, only to have it miss my head and hit the post between the front and back windows of the car. Yeah, I know Haiti.

Trump spoke the truth. It was not done elegantly, but it was the truth. Trust me, I know Haiti.

  1. Oregonian

    January 14, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    “I got dengue fever there.” Great line!