What is it with

11 Jul

the rather temporary madness that GWB provoked? I know some good, decent people of higher-than-average cognitive potential who were fooled. Why?

I honestly scratch my head over this. Do the lame media hacks really have such sway over these people? It seems so, but perhaps there is another explanation. We’re seeing it a fair amount now with Palin and even a bit with Bachman (we’ll talk about the misogynist aspect to this another time) and these people are again fooled! It boggles the mind, to be frank. Is there even a thought about “Gee, I was tricked last time, and I wonder if I’m being fed a cartload of crap again”? Doesn’t seem like it. Yet one must take account of the facts.

Let’s say that I was a big Al Gore supporter 5 years ago. Do I say, “Yeah, I was wrong” or do I continue to double down on a bad bet? VDH (in the article above) writes well about the insanity of the recent past.

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