The $16 muffin

23 Sep

is no joke.

Sure, we all grumble and roll our eyes and such stupid human tricks. But we need to understand that there is a serious aspect to this. With the HUGE budget deficit we have it’s not like a few $16 muffins are going to make all the difference. But the problems go much deeper that that, and they are part of the attitude. Here’s a quote:

The lesson of government waste, whether on $16 muffins or $535 million loan guarantees to solar power companies or $48 billion in“improper” Medicare payments, is one worth relearning every day.

Managers whose budgets do not depend on customer satisfaction and who do not face competitive pressure in the marketplace, will not, on balance, spend their money wisely. Vendors selling to those managers know that price matters much less than it does to, say, Wal-Mart. And anywhere there is political urgency and official involvement high up the command chain, conditions will begin resembling a gold rush.

Yep, the truth is that a person is not very careful with money when it is not their own. THAT is the overriding lesson of government.

For my own business I really want a scanner. Yeah, I have an all-in-one that scans, but it is slow. The one I want is a dedicated scanner that is very fast and it would really help. It also costs just north of $400. So I don’t buy it. Why not? Because it is my own money that is being spent, here. I can just wait for the one I have to do the job, even though it is much slower and far less efficient.

This is exactly why you never elect a guy who has not run his own business. Sorry, your vacations to Martha’s Vineyard are not “free.”


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