Folks, this is

15 Dec

just creepy. Does Obama really pay for such stupid ideas? So we get some kind of Orwellian pile of crap from Obama. I thought it went over better when the Third Reich did it. What will he want next, a list of Jews? I would fire the hack who put this in place–though it is likely an Obama-spawned monstrosity.

I think that what we are seeing is the natural impulse of the left. It has been demonstrated by Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, and every single other lefty government ever hatched.  That impulse is force. When you see force, you know for sure that it is a lefty process in play. The right has no part of force. If you like freedom, you are NOT part of the left (or you have just never thought about it). It has always been that way, and notwithstanding the happy face the left puts on in our day, nothing has changed. Only the lies have gotten bigger.

So naturally such things come second nature to Obama. He is a lefty with a big gun. His middle name is “Che.” At least behaviorally, anyway.

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