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12 Feb

is an assault on personal freedom for the Obamaphiles to mandate that Catholic entities violate their religious beliefs. Yes, Obama has kind of backed down, but not really. Anyone with half a brain understands that only the accounting has changed, but the substance of the problem is exactly the same. I suspect that Obama will pay a huge political price for this. Yes, the partisan media with try and protect him, but word will get out to even the people who only get their information from the nightly news. And you can bet that Obama’s opponent in the next election will hammer him on it.

But we see here the despotism that is inherent in the lefty proposition. There is always force in these things, and it is part and parcel of the whole lefty gig. Obama tried to force Catholic entities to violate their doctrine and strongly-held beliefs. There was a HUGE backlash against this, and if Obama and his minions didn’t live in a hermetically-sealed bubble, they would never have even tried such a bone-headed thing. Obama needs to understand that people have died because of such oppression (see: Revolutionary War, the French Revolution), and that he is running the risk of provoking patriots to act. In fact, I read about a (non-Catholic) pastor who said that it would be better to go to jail rather than comply.

Just think if you had millions who openly engaged in civil disobedience. There simply would not be enough police or enough prison space to accommodate that. And if a “law” is widely ignored, it is usually deemed void because it is unenforceable and can only be selectively enforced–the very definition of despotism. And then remember that many of these folks are armed. One big reason the left hates gun ownership is that it is far easier to oppress a defenseless population than an armed one. If there was ever a time when gun ownership was important, it is now. That’s one reason (a large one) that you have seen such a spike in gun sales lately. People are afraid, and this kind of crap shows that there is good reason to be afraid. Today it is Catholics, but don’t kid yourself, when it’s your turn there may be no one willing to protest at all. Maybe the “law” will say that you have to give equal opportunity for pedophiles to be Scoutmasters. Maybe you don’t believe in female clergy, but you better have women priests or you will go to jail (the fact that you may not object to women clergy in no way means that you are in favor of the government mandating such behavior at the point of a gun).

I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said that the tree of liberty has to be watered now and then with the blood of tyrants. I really hope that I never live to see such a day. For the last 200+ years it just has not been necessary. I don’t at all recommend that people revolt violently. I personally am against such violence. ┬áPlease don’t look to me as an instigator of revolt–I’m not. I do not want to see armed revolution. But we need to understand that Obama has taken a huge leap in that direction. I’m not Catholic and have no particular problem with birth control (though I certainly oppose abortion), but I am quite offended.

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