Drudge asks if

19 Mar

this is in preparation for martial law.

The problem is that because Obama has had such a wanton disregard for freedom and such an overweening narcissism, it is a valid question. And with his undying faith in the power of governments, he likely thinks that martial law can in fact be enforced. But this is an armed population. I don’t think that the population is likely to go gently into that good night. We are not Kulaks. May it never come to that, but Obama is certainly capable of it, from a characterological perspective. And many “sheep” will bleatingly go along with him. “Eat me last!”

Now it may be nothing more than an update of a previous order and there is nothing new here. What I find interesting is that even if it is nothing, it is easy to see outright malice in Obama’s action and proclivities. I think that in itself is very telling. The fact that it was part of the usual “Friday afternoon document dump” adds to the worry (that is when bad news is usually released so as to minimize publicity). There just is a pervasive lack of trust here.

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