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To be honest,

I’m really not sure how much longer Biden will hang on. It seems pretty dang clear to me that the political “hit” has been put out on him–the MSM shills are “suddenly” talking abut Hunter Biden’s criminal leech/scrounge behavior and Joe’s general incompetence. Even BLM is now starting to come under fire. I think Hunter’s career as a barnacle is coming to a close.

Because it is beginning to be quite plain that Democrats are in BIG trouble, electorally.

So under the bus Joe Biden goes! And it is just starting…

Now I thought this would happen after the mid-terms. And it still might. There is really not much time left, now. And if Joe fights it, it won’t be over for a year.

A second option for Democrats is to get Joe’s cooperation and for it to happen closer to the mid-terms (end of August?), so Kamala has a “honeymoon” that spans the elections. Because after about 3 months, people will be heartily disgusted with her. Her popularity will probably peak at about five weeks, assuming no big events.

The problem, of course, is that Kamala is currently even more unpopular than Joe! So it may be “out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

But Joe’s creeping senility has started to gallup, and it’s not at all clear that Democrats can wait a lot longer.

Hence, all the sudden MSM volte-face on Hunter Biden and Joe’s obvious perfidy.

Don’t be a blinkin’ fool and think that the MSM are now “just reporting the facts.” PUH-LEEEZ! No, they are as much partisan hacks as they have ever been. It’s just that the master plan has now changed…

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