Evil Immorality

Yes, they are

groomers. Let’s just call it what it is and stop lying to ourselves and others! And honestly, there are just not two ways about it. And I am tired of the groomers. Aren’t you?

THE LEFT: We don’t want to sexualize little kids behind the backs of parents. Stop saying that. It’s a lie!

FLORIDA: We’re going to outlaw sexualizing little kids behind the backs of parents.


… Well, a whole lot of leftists want to have sex with your kids, and want to normalize sex between kids and adults. The evidence of that is everywhere. Democrats know opening the southern border will mean the import of child sex slaves. And yet, Democrats still open the border. Democrats continue to release child predators and suspected predators. We’re about to be saddled with a Supreme Court Justice who shrugs at child porn. More than one left-wing publication has asked us to better understand and sympathize with child molesters. The left embraced Jeffrey Epstein for decades. The left-wing Lincoln Project shielded a suspected predator.

The Left is the party of sexual predators. Can YOU morally countenance being part of that? Take a hard look at yourself…

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