Evil Lefty Political Philosophy

Honestly, I am

surprised at just how good this article is.

Amid all the fume and fury we see that censorship has become a core part of liberal-elite ideology.

And it’s true: The Left has openly become the party against free speech and indeed, against moral agency in general. THAT has always been the battleground, and Leftism has now openly declared what side it is on.

The notion that free speech is somehow at odds with democracy is perverse. 

Good is bad, right is wrong, up is down, men are women, mentors are groomers. ALL is turned upside down according to the Left.

The words of Isaiah come forcefully to mind: Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay…

So yes, Leftists are currently howling at having their cherished beliefs revealed as potter’s clay. It is truly the shrieking of the damned.

But his [Musk’s] attempted takeover of Twitter has already done us a great service, in revealing how important censorship now is to America’s permanently hysterical elites.

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