Evil Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Yes, yes

they did.

Look, Lefties, wear a mask if YOU want. But get your despotic crap outta here! Leave those of us who are sane alone.

It’s a kink with these emotional cripples. They crave being controlled by the government. It’s a turn-on for them. The thought of being left to their own devices terrifies their submissive, masochistic psyches.

… There is almost zero science supporting the efficacy of the cloth masks people are wearing on planes. It’s as medically and scientifically sound as burning sage or relying on the judicious petting of one’s lucky kitten. The body of evidence proving these people wrong has been reaching Everestian heights recently. Those clinging to the “masks as Captain America shields” theory are not serious or mentally capable people.

Yeah, freedom breaks out. Lefty mask sheep fetishists hardest hit…

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