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As a student of

human beings, I really DO think the masks mandates are over. People are walking around, going out to dinner, going to school, going to church, and flying on airplanes, all without masks.

Can you imagine how people would react if these useless restrictions were again forced on the public? And the mRNA shots have been a colossal failure (and risk). If the Left tried to turn the clock back, it would NOT be pretty.

That dog just won’t never hunt unless there is clear and incontrovertible EVIDENCE that masks and such will help. And when people have been snookered once, they tend to be a bit more skeptical the next time…

The Left cried “wolf!” for fun and profit–they even stole a Presidential election with it. I just don’t think people now will be eager to comply once again without overwhelming hard evidence. The last train to Chumpville departed a few months ago…

The Left has shot its wad. And there is (thankfully) now no going back, no matter how much nostalgia the Left has for 2020 and 2021!

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