is the TRUTH!

As Andre Breitbart famously said, politics is downstream of culture.

The Democrat Party steadily moved to the left…now so far left it is in very real danger of sinking below the waves and maybe it’s time it did.  They had plenty of chances.

(long quote follows, but it is VERY important)

So, what do today’s Democrats want? 

1. Censorship – under the guise of banning hate speech they do not permit criticism. The DHS has even created a Disinformation Governance Board.  It sounds like a sort of Ministry of Truth from Orwell’s 1984. We are being told it is to rebut human smuggling organizations peddling misinformation to exploit vulnerable migrants. Anyone with the slightest cognitive ability knows that claim is misinformation in itself. It is to monitor ‘unfriendly’ speech. I hardly need to provide further examples.  Elon Musk did it admirably.  
2.  Open Borders – Democrats want to change the face of America, add several million new Democrats and pay them to come. 
3. Call Everyone Racist who Disagrees  – Any disagreement with their agenda is racist.  The racist charge stops the ignorant in their tracks. CRT (or whatever they’re calling it) is being taught in much of the country, like it or not, paid for by COVID funds. Everything is politicized. They now demand equity, not equality…Mao would be proud.  
4.  Stop Climate Change – Climate Change has been a lucrative issue for the Left…announce that we are all going to die in 12 years (again) if we don’t obey their every command.  Never mind the science, never mind that climate change is a normal process or that we have made massive strides in cleaning our environment.  To the weak-minded, they have created a climate of fear, trembling, and gnashing of teeth. In the meantime they refuse to go to the real environmental criminal – China. 
5.  Crime is the Fault of Society – They can’t punish crime they feel results from a broken society, hence defund police, empty prison cells, decrepit cities, record crime.  Anyway, it looks good to keep the chaos going. 
6. Win Every Election.  They proved that in 2020, they will try again in 2022.  In spite of terrible polling, they are mysteriously quiet. 
7.  The Destruction of Our Society – This is something too many people cannot believe or accept.  Everything Dems want is about destroying our culture, our society, and our values as Americans.  It is vital to ‘transform’ this nation into a ward of the globalists. They have destroyed education, our borders, unleashed violent crime to record levels, tied the hands of the police, taken over the election process, and much of the government, including our courts.  The Left here and abroad is doing everything to promote war with Russia, poking the bear, hoping to cause the destruction of Russia’s armed forces and ours.  And finally, working diligently to reduce our military to a well-armed police force that WILL open fire on Americans if so ordered.

It’s time for YOU to wake up!

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