Turns out,

kidneys are way more complex and active than we thought. They actively “pump” blood.

“What we showed is that kidney cells are pumps, not filters, and they are generating forces.”

Yet each kidney consists of kilometers of channels and tubules crammed into a space no bigger than your fist, potentially making for some weird plumbing deep inside.

SO, we need to scientifically come to grips with the Darwinian Evolution concept that such a complex system, with many interlocking parts, came about through random, undirected chance alone.

And pretty much all at once, too. I mean, half of a functioning kidney wouldn’t have much “survival value,” now would it? And, of course, we have to also statistically calculate the odds of all these things just happening to randomly occur together.

As a statistician, it’s pretty hard for me to believe those long odds. I mean, one might possibly expect such a thing to happen purely by chance, but in WELL greater time than the earth itself has been in existence. So as a scientist, I don’t really buy those odds–there simply is not enough “statistical space.”

Oh, and that’s just one small aspect. We haven’t even talked about the eye, yet. And then we need to calculate the odds/probability of the eye and the kidney happening together, purely by random chance…

An undirected, “totally-by-chance” thing simply is not rational or believable to me. OK, so NOW we are left with some kind of directed process.

And for a TON of reasons it can’t logically some kind of quasi-Deistic “Theistic Evolution” explanation. Pure Deism also falls short–humans came to be well after the creation of the universe (The Big Bang), so it has to be some kind of immanent (Theistic) entity, not a Deistic one. The quasi-Deistic “God did it this way” most often simply won’t work, for a number of reasons.

Deism–God makes the “rules” or “laws” for all time, sets them in motion, and then leaves–maybe to make himself a grilled cheese sandwich or something. Not a personal God.
Theism–There is an immanent God who is always there and who can (and does) intervene, and with whom you can have a relationship. A personal God. Emmanuel–God with us.

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