Bad Faith

Have you

failed to understand that people are angry?

Conservatives have had enough of being pushed around, of being taken advantage because they are polite. The Left has confused politeness with cowering subservience. And the Left has rewarded Righty politeness and tolerance with bad faith, exploitation, and supercilious disdain.

But we are not descended from cowardly men and women…

We patriots are done being polite. If these prog prongs try to stick the blame for these hideous murders on us, we’ll stick it right back, harder and farther. No more allowing sorrow to stop us from standing up for the truth. No more using our niceness against us for cheesy political advantage. We’ve played that game. 

Yes, anger.

Do you even wonder why people of good judgment no longer tolerate milquetoast Romney-esque RINO-weenies? Really?

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