History Incompetence

When we look

back at things, Joe Biden falling down the polling poop chute started with his Afghanistan bungle.

That was when it became incontrovertible that he is, in fact, a dangerous moron. Opposing him from that point forward was NOT just political preference, it was good sense–a means of survival. Look at the data; August 2021 was the turning point.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are terrible and keep getting worse. While his approval is certainly being affected by inflation, high gas prices, and other issues, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was the pivotal moment.

… The American people are very patient, but leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan was unforgivable. When service members were then killed by a suicide bomber, Biden’s political fate was sealed.

It has kind of been a delayed burn. But it was with that that it became no longer possible to fully trust Joe Biden–his amazingly poor judgment became undeniable. So when a bunch of bad crap later came along, the reservoir of good will was just empty–it had ALL (and more) been spent on the Afghanistan bungle. So now Biden’s approval rating is in the high 30s–and still falling.

The failures have been cumulative. And the Biden checking account of trust and good will is now grossly overdrawn…

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