Oh, come ON!

We ALL have lived through lyin’ Adam Schiff. We don’t need to foolishly go down that dark path yet again.

Are YOU so stupid that you can be fooled by this again? I’m sure not!

The left has a tendency to claim to have (or have seen) evidence of something when they have not. Remember how Adam Schiff claimed he saw evidence of Trump/Russia collusion? But, aside from that, the January 6 Committee has a credibility problem that cannot be ignored here.

… Further, Raskin seemed a little less confident about Trump’s role. When he was asked if Trump was involved in the so-called, conspiracy, he was curiously less absolute. “I think that Donald Trump and the White House were at the center of these events,” he said. “That’s the only way really of making sense of them all.” [emphasis added]

… Raskin has essentially admitted they have nothing on Trump, and that the committee is basically crossing its fingers, hoping that people will just blame him for it anyway.

Uhm, let’s be clear so no one can misunderstand: THEY ARE LYING!

Got it? DUH! <sheesh!>

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