Times, they

are a’changing!

Republican Mayra Flores’s special election victory Tuesday is the latest of the mounting evidence that Hispanic voters are inching away from the Democrat Party.

It’s a nightmare for Democrats!

“The red wave is here,” Garcia told Breitbart News on Friday. “Now more than ever Hispanics feel a genuine sense of belonging with the GOP. We know Hispanics are conservative on education, on social issues. We’re pro-life and pro-gun. We want lower taxes, religious freedom, and school choice.”

Democrats have LONG taken the Hispanic vote for granted, and Hispanics as a whole are just not a natural fit for the Democrat party. Democrats have historically been adamant about jamming the square peg of Hispanic voters into the round hole of rigid Democrat ideology.

But it won’t work, you know.

The Hispanic vote (as if were a monolith) is ripe for the GOP picking! If Hispanics as a whole vote for policies rather than identity, Democrats are well and truly hosed!

If Mexican Hispanics started voting Republican as a whole, Democrats would vote to seal the border in a nanosecond! We have already seen just exactly that with people from Cuba…

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