Lefty Culture

Well, it turns

out that now we know why Biden crashed on his bike.

As it turns out, there was a little girl in the crowd there. Joe pulled up right in front of her on the bike, then fell over, but when he got up, he went right over to talk to her.

Ahhh, nothing is more enticing to pervy Joe than little girls!

And, (as with ALL Lefties) he just can’t tolerate the mocking memes. So keep it up!

This is asymmetrical warfare, because Lefties famously have no sense of humor and just can’t meme. They are simply too redolent of cold showers and boiled peas.

So that’s likely why he got his foot stuck in the toe cage because he wasn’t concentrating on getting out of it safely. Will the AP add that part into their fact check?

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