Civil Rights

NY Pols

are freaking out about people possibly exercising their Constitutional rights.

Now, I gotta say that the 2nd Amendment is crystal clear, and the folks (both well-intentioned and not) who say that it isn’t are just wrong.

See, it’s important for a free country to have an army. BUT, history is full of despots using the army to subjugate their own people. In fact, that’s exactly what the British had just done against the colonies! And the Founding Fathers very much wanted to prevent that from ever happening again.

So the tension was that a country needed an army (a well-regulated militia) to defend itself and its borders. But an army can also be dangerous to freedom, and can be used against the country’s own people.

THEREFORE, because such an army (a well-regulated militia) is necessary for a security of a free country, the right of the people to keep and bear arms must NEVER be infringed!

The army (well-regulated militia) was on one side of the balance, and the people were on the other! It is quite clear from the wording that one balanced out the other. QUITE. It is a grammatical see-saw.

THAT is the very clear meaning of the 2nd Amendment. Clear as day. We need an army. Therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The founding fathers were anything but stupid. Nothing they did when setting up the government was stupid. And they were NOT stupid in wording the 2nd Amendment, either!

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