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I think that with

Roe and Casey being overturned, it is the start of turning more power back to the states. And honestly, that is as it should be.

Suddenly, local and State elections matter a great deal. In fact, that is what it should’ve been all along. And I think that the strengthening of state legislative power is a huge benefit to the overturning of these cases.

I think it encourages decent people to get out and run for local elected office. It also makes the Republican bench far deeper than it was, because motivated Republicans seem far more likely to understand that they have “skin in the game” and therefore are much more motivated to run. People thus become more motivated to run for local office, and then, if they do well, they end up being candidates for national office. It’s a “virtuous cycle.”

And I think, and I hope, that that virtuous cycle has just begun. The next important issue is the almost wholesale rejection of (national) congressional Democrats in the midterms…

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