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Yeah, THAT’s

not fishy or anything!

And just how did he die? That article doesn’t say, which should set off all sorts of alarm bells for you. And other articles I’ve read also don’t say. There were early reports that he had been shot, but it’s not clear that was the case.

No official cause of death was immediately released. 

So stay tuned. But it is sure odd that no cause of death has been released!

The cause of Michael’s passing has not yet been made public. The only thing that is known about him is that he has passed away.

… Additionally, the news of his passing startled all of his family members and well-wishers, who are now all curious as to how he passed away.

Probably just crazy conjecture that he was executed, like Seth Rich was. Maybe it really WAS suicide. Yes maybe, but you gotta still kinda wonder, and the longer this news dearth goes on…

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