Yeah, Trump grabbed

the wheel from the driver and tried to get to the INSURRRRECTION! Honestly how stupid and spittle-lipped do you have to be to believe this crap? I mean, on it’s face it just makes NO sense! Just think about the logistics of it! Any damned fool HAD to have known that it was just another lame-o lie. DUH!

But people get really stupid about Trump and let their kooky Lefty freak flags fly…

THINK about it, Lefties (I know you’re not used to thinking, but try hard). TRUMP is in the back seat of “The Beast.” He has one Secret Service bodyguard on his left. Another one is on his right. In the front, there is one Secret Service bodyguard in the front passenger seat, and another one is driving. ALL are highly trained.

So tell me, Jefe, just how does a MUCH older Trump get from the back seat, through at least three beefy bodyguards, and yank the steering wheel out of a trained and brawny driver/bodyguard’s hands? And why? He thought he could change the destination of the vehicle? Huh?

Oh, and there was a bulletproof window between the front and back seat, and it doesn’t retract. GAME OVER, MORONS! GAME OVER!

You’ve got to be pretty dang dumb to believe THIS fish story.

What color is the sky in your world, Lefties? Sheesh! THINK, people!

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