Lefty Political Philosophy

We need to take

stock of the fact that “Woke-ism” has totally killed off Liberalism and the institutions it created. There ARE no more “Scoop” Jacksons or Daniels Patrick Moynihans or “Blue Dog” Democrats. In fact, there are no more moderate Democrats, let alone conservative ones!

Sure, there are Democrats who still say that the are moderate, but everyone–including them–know it is a total lie! Just when was the last time there was a “Blue Dog” Democrat in Congress?

And there a couple of “old school” Democrats in Manchin and Sinema who occasionally don’t get blown about by the spittle-laced winds of national Democrats. But still, they are by no means generally conservative! Sure, more that way than most, but at night a candle’s brighter than the sun!

Conservative Democrats have ALL been purged by the Woke-ist new generation of Leftists. And the Democrats of 1971 would be the target of modern Democrats, not an ally. Even the (public) Bill Clinton of 1990 would have been far too “Right” for them. I mean, could a national Democrat now even have a “Sister Souljah” moment?

MANY of those about age 40-50 (or even a little older) started out as traditional Democrats but have now morphed into foam-flecked Wokesters. Sad, but true. They are NOT loyal to traditional Democrat-ism, but have been completely converted to Woke-ism.

Democrats should assess how far they have moved! But THAT might take a level of introspection that they just don’t have…

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