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You thought this was all

just Trump?

Yeah, no. It is NOT just Trump! It’s not even all in the United States…

A popular uprising of working-class people against the elites and their values is underway—and it’s crossing the globe. There is a growing resistance by the middle and lower classes against what Rob Henderson has coined the “luxury beliefs” of the elites, as everyday folks realize the harm it causes them and their communities.

… But the effects will be global. The Netherlands is the world’s second largest agricultural exporter after the United States, making the country of barely 17 million inhabitants a food superpower. Given global food shortages and rising prices, the role of Dutch farmers in the global food chain has never been more important. But if you thought the Dutch government was going to take that into account and ensure that people can put food on the table, you would be wrong; when offered the choice between food security and acting against “climate change,” the Dutch government decided to pursue the latter. [emphasis added]

Yet the sympathies of the Dutch are not with their government; they are solidly with their farmers. Current polls indicate that the Farmers Political Party, formed just three years ago in response to the new regulations, would gain a whopping 11 seats in Parliament if elections were held today (it currently holds just one seat). Moreover, the Dutch Fishermen’s Union has publicly joined the protests, blocking harbors with fishing crews holding signs that read “Eendracht maakt Kracht”: Unity Creates Strength.

In fact, the sentiment was not primarily about Trump, as we see here. But then again, it never was. Trump just gave voice to the frustration and even anger of ordinary people. It is Trump’s “gift” to really understand cultural shifts. And then he did a really great job as President.

But now it’s even not at all clear that Trump will beat DeSantis! In fact, my money’s on DeSantis…

Lefties, don’t give yourself false comfort in thinking this is some kind of cult of personality. It SURE isn’t! You need to stop telling yourself comforting little lies and wake the heck up, here!

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