Bad Faith Biden-induced misery Energy

Yeah, but we pretty

much knew that the Biden groveling would do NO good, now didn’t we?

So he humiliated himself and his country. For nothing (for us). Yep, that’s Joe Biden! Why didn’t he get more oil from Texas or by opening the Keystone pipeline?

Why? Because he was never actually serious about making things better for regular Americans. Never. He just wanted to look like he cared and wanted to help. As they say, Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it

It’s not as if he made a good try and failed. I think we ALL could have accepted that if that had been the case. It’s that he never actually tried, and this was all just Kabuki theater!

YOU need to understand that this was all for show. And there were untold man-hours involved with making this trip happen, at HUGE expense to you.

One of my old close friends was arm’s length from POTUS for a couple years, and you would be dumbfounded at the preparation and work it takes for a trip like this to happen!

But yeah, it was a train wreck.

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